Be a great place to work

Our commitment to society and our people

At AstraZeneca, everything we do is underpinned by our dedication to being a great place to work. We recognise that our people are our greatest asset and know what’s possible with a talented and diverse team that believes in What Science Can Do.

We make a contribution to society by delivering medicine to patients and being leaders in sustainability. Our aspiration is for the future to be healthy and for us to be an active participant in a healthy society, planet and business.

This is accompanied by our commitment that everyone who chooses to work at our company can reach their full potential, perform at their best and make a valued contribution to the enterprise. Together, we perform as a single enterprise team, are champions of inclusion and diversity and are building a culture of life-long learning and development.

Contribution to society

We strive to make the biggest possible difference to medicines and patients around the world.

We all have a role to play in delivering our sustainability ambition and our employee engagement survey results show that our employees also expect us to lead in working on climate change and health. Some of our key initiatives are inspired and driven by employee feedback and activism, and our employees are working to embed sustainability in everything we do. In this way sustainability goes beyond the goals and becomes part of our DNA.

Katarina Ageborg Sustainability and Chief Compliance Officer

Contribution to the enterprise

We strive to help everyone at AstraZeneca reach their potential, perform at their best and make a valuable contribution to the work we do.

Being a Great Place to Work is vital to the success of AstraZeneca, it’s about attracting and retaining people with the right skills who share our Values. AstraZeneca has a culture shaped by its’ people which is high performing, vibrant and collaborative and provides the opportunity to learn and develop in an inclusive and diverse environment. By nurturing creativity and innovation, we’re able to deliver lifechanging medicines to patients across the world.

Jeff Pott EVP HR and General Counsel